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Developer NODE JS SSR/SR Remoto ID 100/368

3 Feb 2020  
Microcentro, Remota  
Node JS  
Semi Senior / Senior

Our client is a global provider of testing, analytics, and security solutions for the telecommunications sector. We are looking for 3 positions; 

  • 1) NodeJS SSR/ SR;
    • Required Skills and Experience:
      • 3+ years of experience developing commercial software
      • Experience developing large enterprise applications
      • Experience with Node.js platform
      • Knowledge of Backbone.js or willingness to learn
      • Skills working with JavaScript
      • Knowledge of UNIX, Bash, or a willingness to work with these technologies
      • Spoken English ( intermediate level or more)
    • Additional Competencies:
      • Experience in Python, Java or willingness to learn
        Knowledge of jQuery, Kafka, Less, or a willingness to work with these technologies
        Knowledge of Perl, C ++, or a willingness to work with these technologies
        Knowledge of Spanish
  • 2) Fullstack (Node.js+React.js) Developer, Ticketing Solutions:
    • Our client is currently helping one of the biggest ticketing companies in the world to transform key business areas and significantly enhance security through blockchain technologies.
    • Currently, they are rewriting the system’s logic using blockchain and scaling it to the enterprise-grade level while integrating with existing systems within the company.
      The technology stack used in the project is React, Node.js, SQL + Blockchain.
    • Required Skills and Experience
      • Experience with Node.js platform
      • Knowledge of JavaScript
      • Experience with React.js
      • Experience with SQL
      • Skills in working with version control systems (Git)
      • Good spoken English
      • Experience with AWS (Additional Competencies)
      • Experience with MongoDB (Additional Competencies)
      • Knowledge of Blockchain (Additional Competencies)
  • 3) Node.js Developer, Guest Engagement Platform :
    • Our client is a leading developer of software solutions for the hospitality industry. It offers mobile software and workflow management solutions to improve the food and beverage services for casinos, hotels, and resorts.There is an integration pipeline that has to be moved forward. The specialist that we are looking for has to be able to scope, estimate and own the project and possess the ability to create automated tests.

We are looking for a Senior developer proficient with Node.js. The primary focus will be on developing event-based functions that communicate with AWS, GCP and custom third-party APIs. The technologies involved are Node.js, AWS, and Lamdba Serverless.

    • Responsibilities
      • Developing event-based AWS Lambda functions
      • Creating intermediate SQL tables to shorten query time
      • Handling user activity and data mapping to third-party services
      • Building reusable libraries for future use
      • Optimizing code and file structure for team use
      • Implementing regression tests for all library and functional code
    • Required Skills and Experience:
      • Proficiency in JavaScript, experience with Typescript
      • Proficiency with Promises and async/await
      • Thorough understanding of Node.js and its core principles
      • Experience with AWS Lambda, SQS, and GCP BigQuery
      • Experience with RESTful APIs
      • Experience with common development tools such as Babel, Webpack, NPM, etc.
      • Familiarity with newer specifications of EcmaScript
      • Knowledge of modern authorization mechanisms, such as JSON Web Token
      • Ability to understand business requirements and translate them into technical requirements
      • A knack for benchmarking and optimization
      • Familiarity with code versioning tools such as Git, SVN, and Mercurial
    • Additional Competencies:
      • PHP background
      • Familiarity with Lumen, Docker (custom based tooling based on Docker)
  • Benefits:
    • 3 semanas de vacaciones.
    • Medicina prepaga grupo familiar.
    • Clases de inglés
    • Capacitaciones internas.
  • Locacion: On Site (Microcentro CABA, o Remoto)