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Back End Developer SSR/SR San Isidro, GBA Norte ID 100/44

6 Jun 2018  
San Isidro  
Full Stack, NodeJs, Python  
Semi Senior / Senior

Leading startup in Latin America dedicated to Implementation and Managed Services of the most popular clouds of these times (such as Openstack, vmware, AWS, Azure, google), looking for a semi senior Developer to work on development projects for chatbots and smart assistants.

We require:

Being a student or a graduate in computer-related careers


  • Knowledge of microservice and serverless architectures

  • Experience in backend development (Node JS and / or Python)

  • Experience in web application development (Python / Django desirable)

  • Experience in TDD (desirable)

  • Experience in development on open source projects

  • Knowledge of cloud technologies (desirable, not exclusive)

  • Experience with linux containers (desirable, not exclusive)

  • Intermediate or higher intermediate English language handling.

  • You want to train and gain experience in the latest cloud technologies in the market

  • A desire to work with a leading team in this technology in Latin America

  • Wanting to contribute to the huge open source community behind this project

    Tasks to develop:

    Definition of scope and estimation of projects.


    • Definition of architecture and integration of technologies for chatbots projects using the main cloud technologies of the market.

    • Integration with content and services through APIs

    • Development of unit tests

    • Integration with the company’s development team



      • Workplace: Flexible (can be remote)

      • Schedule: flexible

      • Work environment: of the best you can find in the country !!

      • OSDE 210

        Location: San Isidro