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Data Engineer Remote Latam ( USD Salary) ID 100/911

25 Oct 2021  
Data Engineer  
Semi Senior / Senior

We are looking to incorporate a Data Engineer that will work with one of our clients (a SaaS
company). A successful candidate must be able to contribute from day 1 and be a Self-Starter,
should be a mix between full stack engineer (front end and data engineer) with skills on Node.js
and Javascript (React), with knowledge of Snowflake, Spark, Postgres and Apache, AWS. You
will be designing, developing, deploying and supporting the solution (you build it, you own it).

Skills and Experience:

● 5+ years of experience building, maintaining, and maturing data infrastructure and
operations for large scale systems.
● Experience with building and managing data platforms for both internal and external data use.
● Deep understanding of the trade-offs to be considered when designing and delivering data platform based on the end use case.
● Demonstrated experience with data modeling, database design, extract transform load (ETL) processes, data visualization, working with unstructured data, and cloud based data warehousing using Snowflake, Spark, Postgres, Apache, AWS, Databricks, etc.
● Solid javascript knowledge.
● Familiarity with the very common lodash/underscore library
● 3+ years of experience with JS frameworks (React with Jest, Enzyme)
● Solid SQL knowledge to be comfortable with complex aggregating/grouping and be familiar with snowflake.
● Intermediate Node.js, Express.js experience
● Experience with HTML, CSS, Babel compiler, ESLint, Stylelint, Prettier, Webpack, NX
development framework by Nrwl
● DevOps experience using tools such as GitHub, AWS, Circle CI, Nomad, JFrog,
deployment automation (Terraform, Atlantis)

Upper intermediate/Advanced english is requiered!



Location:  Colombia, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Panama, Mexico y Perú.