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DBA MS SQL Server Sr Microcentro, La Plata, Mar del Plara o Remoto ID 100/105

10 Sep 2018  
La Plata, Mar Del Plata, Microcentro, Remoto  

Wa are looking for a DBA MS SQL Server SSR:

Minimum of 24 months experience in a production support environment or having product support responsibility in a fast-growing product or market segment.
Minimum 3 years with SQL Server 2012 or higher doing SQL Server configuration, performance, and diagnostics in a production environment.

Demonstrated understanding of database turning concepts and application including Execution Plan optimization, indexing strategies, query optimization.

Associates’ Degree preferred.

Developing professional expertise. Works on non-complex to projects with no supervision and/or moderately complex projects with supervision/ technical assistance. Exercises judgment within defined procedures and practices.

General knowledge in the following areas:

Problem-solving for database performance
Financial/credit union or related industry is a plus
SQL Server Setup configurations and performance/diagnostics
Writing simple to medium complexity SQLWindows Server knowledge in the area of performance/diagnostics
Familiar with IIS
Business operations and procedures including concepts, structures, etc.
Solid network skills including Active Directory, Secure FTP, VPN
Able to analyze SSRS report issues as well as the setup of report scheduling and permissions
Able to read SSIS logs
Able to read MDX for assessing issues with cube reports

Able to:

Assess and resolve issues with database performance including impacts from Windows Server and SQL Server configurations.
Analyze/convert customer information and processes for setup in JHA system. Analyze business information and processes.

Train customers to use JHA software.

Present and demonstrate products to a large audience

Work with all levels of personnel and communicate complex information in user-friendly terms.

Job Responsibilities:

Analyzes the customer’s existing products/processes and consults with customer to map the existing system to the JHA product.

Prepares the customer for the installation, takes the customer through the installation process, and provides training or support to the customer post-installation.

Oversees/performs system set-up for the customers (i.e., parameter set-up, creates job files for processing, etc). Ensures related business processes will run on software.
Provides software support/guidance by answering questions on function, features, and usage of software products. Support may be at the customer site or remote.
Communicates the customer’s needs/expectations with programmers, other team members, and team leader.
Maintains effective communication with customers throughout entire project/case.

Identifies/maintains customer issues and ensures proper resolution. Maintains customer issue list by application and ensures all are forwarded to the appropriate personnel for resolution.
Prepares training materials and documentation for customers and internal users.

Department/Project Description;

Episys® Data Store™
Rapid Analysis and Reporting of Business Processes
Credit unions need information on events that are happening in the present moment. Proactive business managers must be faster and more responsive than ever before for right-time monitoring. This add-on module, Episys Data Store (EDS), offers near real time data, enabling decision-makers to react quickly. The primary benefits of EDS are near-real-time access to your Episys data without affecting core processing, near-real-time feeds to ancillary products, and the ability track changes throughout the day.
Core compatibility: Episys
What It Does For Clients
Provides the benefit of comprehensive Episys data
Enhances report comprehension with data visualization techniques
Improves visibility of key business processes
Relieves report creation tasks by offering prebuilt reports for common requests
Saves times by allowing templates to be saved and reused
Frees you from the need to use a technician to refresh data
Provides a source for extracts to ancillary products
Uses a point-in-time filter to easily monitor changes throughout the day
Keyskills – Must Have
SQL Server
Database Administration
Internet Information Services (IIS)
Active Directory
MAC Filtering and SSID Management

Location: Microcentro, La Plata, Mar Del Plata o remoto