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DevOps Enginner – Advanced English ID 171

23 Feb 2017  

The DevOps Engineer is a key position who is in charge of building and maintaining the systems for our development teams. This position will develop tools which will spawn  facilities for our infrastructure and everyday work. We are looking for a smart, talented and competitive sysadmin who has worked more than five years on a Linux environment and has no fear at the command line, preferably in an AWS environment. This position has to be a natural team player, good at troubleshooting and have strong debugging skills. Our team is small and we automate as much as possible and build tools when they dont already exist. We also document – a lot, so be prepared to write down as much useful information as possible!

Technical and Professional Requirements

● Experience with AWS, certification preferred.

● Advanced Linux systems background, shell scripting and performance tuning of

Debian based systems, Ubuntu preferred.

● Knows their way with Git, WebHooks, Jenkins, and Continuous Integration universe.

● Understanding of basic Internet Protocols such as SSL, HTTPS, TCP/IP, etc.

● Desirable public cloud provider experience of AWS and most of its services:

EC2, S3, VPC, etc.

● Desirable knowledge about information security gathering tools like nmap, sqlmap, metaexploit among others.

● Deep understanding of shell scripting and desirable understanding of scripting programming languages like PHP, Python, javascript.

● Deployment and maintenance of Java web applications.

● Knowledge of WordPress, exposure to other web technologies helpful

● Monitoring knowledge of open source and third party tools (Big Brother, Pingdom)

● Ability to speak and write in English


● Work in tight cooperation with the software development team to became a contact point.

● Support for production incident response and application deployment

assistance. Be available on-call 24/7 for emergencies.

● Automate manual effort to resolve error prone tasks and provide means to detect new issues.

● Protect the company against information security incidents that could affect production and testing environments.

● Become a part of the production support staff who ensures site and platform availability.

● Be a part of the company memory and keep track of our documents in a fast collaborative documentation tool.


 – OSDE 310
– Club La Nacion + diario del domingo en el domicilio
– 1 dia de WFH a la semana
– Frutas y Verduras en la oficina


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