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Front End Developer SSR/SR Remoto Latam ID 100/831

5 Aug 2021  
Front End Developer  
Semi Senior / Senior
The Role: Front End Developer Sr
We are looking for an engineer to help us to create, enhance and maintain our unique platform. You will be responsible for helping us build new features and maintain existing ones. Help improve the team performance. Work closely with our product team to build the best possible solution. Contribute to our component library and style guide where you will have an impact creating something from scratch.
Skills required
5+ years of professional software development experience.
3+ years of experience with Angular (Angular 11 is a plus)
1+ year of experience with graphQL
Third party Integrations (eg.: firebase) 
Knowledge about Micro Frontend Architecture is a plus
Knowledge about create libraries
Strong knowledge of HTML, CSS, preprocessors and BEM methodology
3+ years of experience with Git repository
Strong knowledge of UX / UI
Proven knowledge crafting and building web applications
Strong attention to detail to produce high quality code
Expertise in Sass
Expertise in NPM
Knowledge to identify errors (error 500, 402)
Consistent Jira reporting
Develop and offer new product features
Improve engineering processes and tools to increase team effectiveness.
Deploy Beta versions for testing
Work together to QA department
Write clean and maintainable code
Take ownership of larger, technically or creatively complex components of a large project from start to finish.
Share knowledge and skills with co-workers
Review and approve Pull Requests from other developers.
It’s a Plus
Bachelor’s degree or above in Computer Science or similars
Ability to explore and learn new technologies
Familiarity with common design patterns and core concepts of functional programming