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Full Stack Developer (Java) SSR/SR Remote Latam USD Salary – 100/912

25 Oct 2021  
Semi Senior / Senior
You’ll work with the Customer Engineering Development Team for our client’s own DevOps (and
OpenSource!) product. You’ll get to design and implement key features, and to maintain and solve
critical (and already reproduced) issues for our users.
Responsible for:
● Implement UI / UX / APIs / Core
● Find and repair bugs
● Optimize the application to get it’s best speed and scalability
● Collaborate with cool team members and even the product co-founders
● Understand client’s real needs
● Doing Dev work minimizing technical debt
● Write clear and simple docs
● (Optional) Groovy/Grails or Spring experience (or another Java Framework)
● (Optional) sysadmin and scripting skills
● (Optional) Docker / containers / cloud (AWS, Azure)
● Design and implement REST APIs in Java
● Automatic Tests in Java
● (Optional) ORM knowledge (Hibernate is a plus)
● (Optional but a big plus) Java/Groovy/Grails and Vue.js
● Spoken English