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Full Stack (Front) SSR/SR Remoto Argentina ID 200/129

10 Mar 2023  
Front End  
Semi Senior / Senior
  • We are looking for an experienced Senior Front-End Developer to join our team who is passionate about emerging tech. This role will be working on a brand new greenfield implementation utilizing a MACH (Microservices API-first Cloud-native Headless) infrastructure to enable a global content and commerce roll-out for a well known brand.Role responsibilities
  • Hands-on Frontend Developer utilizing Next.js for a MACH development build.
  • Must develop components with flexibility defined by the requirements and able to think ahead for potential reuse of code during development
  • Must be able to understand working with a Headless CMS and what is required from a frontend standpoint to hook-up components to their respective content models
  • Having a general understanding of GraphQL, API call efficiency, and rate limiting for complex component needs
  • Basics of SEO best practices and QA/security must be understood for frontend development
  • Reviewing pull requests of fellow developers and providing constructive feedback for team improvement
  • Understanding new integrations through provided documentation for frontend implementation
  • Must be able to instruct fellow developers on Headless CMS needs, impacts, and capabilities relating to the frontend work
  • Work within the CMS itself with content modeling, workflows, and CMS capabilities
  • Working in an Agile Scrum environment
  • Must be able to work in a team environment

Minimum Qualifications:

  • 3+ years of experience in front end web technologies.
  • Strong experience in Angular Development.
  • RESTful API Experience
  • Experience or interest in Next.js Development.
  • Frontend Best Practices including responsive design breakpoints, composable development, and reusable development.
  • Storybook or similar experience
  • Headless CMS frontend integration experience
  • Content Modeling experience
  • At lees 2 years experience in back end with java and Node

Preferred Qualifications

  • Knowledge of testing tools like Cypress and Lighthouse
  • Knowledge of hosting providers like Netlify or Vercel