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Functional Support JR/Ssr Belgrano, CABA ID 100/42

4 Jun 2018  

Our client, is in the search of a functional support of customer service to work in their offices in Belgrano.

We require:

Solid knowledge and experience not less than 2 (Exclusive) years in:

Attention / functional support to users of ERP applications in a telephone and face-to-face manner Experience will be valued in implementing new ERP versions (desirable)

Processes of Advertising Agencies (Area of ​​Media or Accounts). Experience will be valued in the use of our client’s application (desirable)

We look for a concommitment person (with objectives, tasks and self-learning), orientation to customer satisfaction, proactivity, communication, teamwork, flexibility, autonomy and customer orientation. (exclusive)

Level of English: Intermediate oral and written (Not exclusive)

Within your tasks you will have:

Receive, register, resolve and / or derive customer orders related to the application use, following its resolution in time and form, taking into account, among others, the variables of respect, kindness, quality, opportunity and excellence, to guarantee the fulfillment of customer orders and that they manifest that their expectations have been met


Manage and provide support to end users who manifest inconveniences in the use of the application by attending all customer contacts via telephone or through our Helpdesk portal, understanding their need to ensure that the customer will receive the answer according to their need in time and shape

Collaborate with solutions to the requirements raised, consulting with specialists, if necessary, to give the best response to the client to give the right answer to the client to improve their operational capacity.

Evaluate if what is raised by the client is an operational, configuration or error problem. In the case that it is an error, the support must enter the incident in our Incident System, for its resolution to improve the service and in case the query derives in an incident of error, to avoid the client the double work of the load of evidence in Fresh and in SDI.
Advise clients how to upload an incident of modification in our system of incidents, in the event that the client raises a functionality not included in the current version of the Advertmind system to guarantee that the client loads all the information necessary for the equipment of Improvements or Development interpret the requirement and can estimate it for your quote if necessary
Control rejections of incidents by the client and filter package update errors so that the development team will only receive system failures.
Manage version updates so that all clients have the latest updated version of the system to contribute to the company’s goal of having all of our clients in the last two versions of the system that are supported
· Register incident claims and communicate them to the Development team to ensure that the customer is given a response within the time periods established for each type of priority to manage the results of the Annual Customer Satisfaction survey to obtain more information from the client in based on your response in the survey, understanding your disagreement to be able to provide a solution
Comply with the principles, policies and procedures of the company and current legislation and regulations to ensure compliance with corporate ethical conduct
Comply with guidelines (documents / records) of the Quality Management System of your process to guarantee the quality of the product and services, and collaborate with the ISO9001 certification
· Participate in meetings (periodic or on demand) of advance / review internally and with clients to achieve a synergy between areas and thus contribute to the achievement of a common vision of the product, the business and the strategic objectives of the company.

We offer:

Prepaid: OSDE 210

• 3 months old: English in the company, 50% bonus in the VIP Plus Megaton plan.
• 3 months old: Remote Work 2 times a month and leave on your birthday.
• One year old: Bonus up to a gross salary.

Place of work: Belgrano, CABA