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Java UI Developer SR, Puerto Madero, CABA ID311

6 Dic 2017  
Puerto Madero  
Java, UI  
Semi Senior / Senior

We are looking for a Java UI Developer SR

We need about you: strong ability to learn existing applications quickly and to be able to make modifications on them
Bachelors in computer Science or relevant experience
Ability to work independently
Solid verbal and written communication skills


Solid knowledge on object-oriented concepts
3-5 Java and other object oriented programming language
J2EE application expertise including Maven, Spring and Hibernate
UI skills (HTML, CSS, JavaScript and frameworks)
Relational Database / SQL knowledge

Advanced English is required

Proficiency in Unix / Linux environments including scripting background a plus
Proficency in working with messaging middleware software
Experience with testing tools such as JUnit, Cucumber Fitnesse and Selenium
Automation of process such as application deployments and or testing


  • Home office ( 2 veces por semana)
  • Prepaga para el grupo familiar (Swiss Medical SMG40)
  • Revisión salarial anual
  • Medialunas los lunes, fruta los miércoles y almuerzo los viernes
  • Clases de inglés in Company

Location: Puerto Madero, CABA


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