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Project Manajer JR Innovacion y desarrollo, Olivos, GBA Norte ID359A

15 Jun 2018  

Our client is looking for a Project Manager Jr , who is interested in working on reimplementation projects of management systems, in a context of technological change and modernization that is going through.

We require:
 Career: Engineer in Electronics, Systems or related with experience in Project Management. Training and experience in project management will be valued through agile methodologies.
 Excellent oral and written communication skills.
 Very good management of office automation tools and project management (Excel, Project, Word, PowerPoint, GIT CVN, Pivotal Tracker, etc).
 Verifiable experience in the development of electronics or software products, mobile applications, supplier management and product testing.
 Basic knowledge of Marketing, negotiation, strategic planning.
 Experience: 3 to 5 years of experience in similar tasks.
 Language: English, medium level

Job objective:
It will act as a link between the different sectors of the company and its applications, evaluating the requirements and proposing the appropriate solutions in order to guarantee their correct attention and alignment with the business objectives.

He will be responsible for formulating, coordinating and supervising the development of projects in the area of ​​Innovation and Development, taking into account all aspects of the project plan:
Formulation, Organization, Planning, Execution, Administration and Control. It will be responsible for ensuring that resources (human, technical and financial) are provided in time, form and are awarded according to the budget, and in relation to its progress.

Collaborate with the functions of Innovation and Development, coordination and implementation of activities related to the areas of Marketing, Product and Engineering, as well as improvements to existing products and technologies. Monitor the technological evolution and evaluate the possibilities of its implementation in the local market and
Main tasks to develop:
 From the functional analysis:
o Evaluate, design and structure the actions necessary to comply with the requirements of the user sectors. Estimate costs and times of them.
o Plan, execute and control the requirements and / or projects.
o Design the improvements in the applications and delegate their programming.
o Negotiate availability times of resources and implementation priorities with the managements to which it provides service.
o Ensure the quality of the product
 Project management:
o Plan, direct, supervise, coordinate and evaluate the realization and development of all the tasks of the projects: technical, administrative and organizational.
Participate in the meetings of Evaluation of Project Management.
o Control and monitor that the deliverables of the projects are within schedule, budget, scope and quality.
o Ensure that resources are provided in a timely manner, in accordance with the budget and in relation to their progress.
o Implement preventive and corrective actions for the benefit of the project.
o Systematically apply the best practices of Project Management.

Identify and manage risks defining the action plans necessary to mitigate or eliminate them.
o Managing human resources, identifying the appropriate profiles for the project (of the different areas), achieving the cohesion and commitment of the team and the satisfaction of individual and group expectations.
o Management of contracts and suppliers: includes the acquisition process
and hiring and keeping the project team and the supplier aligned.

 Innovation:
o Monitor products and technologies to offer opportunities in product development.
o Analyze the information obtained by the marketing department and product about changes or needs of new products.
o Generate ideas about new products or improvements of existing products.
o Develop, together with the marketing and product team, the formulation and plans of the area. Perform organization and filter ideas.
o Carry out commercial and technical evaluation of products and prototypes

Swiss medical, family group
Dining room on floor
Annual bonus for performance
Salary reviews every 6 months

Place of work: Olivos, GBA Norte