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Python Developer Remote Latam ID 100/899

6 Oct 2021  
Semi Senior / Senior

Our Client is a team of U.S.-based lead architects with over 20 years of experience

We will be looking for a a developer with python, nodejs and react. Full Stack

Project information:

Internet Security Firm that provides audits on-demand and automatically.
The project we are working on is their automatic testing tool.
The testing tools are written in python – they are not modular or scalable at this time. They currently write some information into a database.
The information is currently conveyed to clients using a Frankenstein approach in their existing sharing tools.
We will be building a brand new portal (react/typescript/Next.js) that will connect to the database via Hasura over GraphQL or automatic REST endpoints.

The responsibilities include:

– Maintaining and updating python scripts to add new features and capabilities (baseline functionality provided by the client), improving infrastructure and modularity, and storing more information in the database.
– Modeling the data based on the information coming in from the tools
– Configuring Hasura (no experience needed) on an ongoing basis
– Developing a dashboard for the clients which shows their data