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Senior BI Developer ID123

23 Feb 2017  
BI, Datamining  


We are seeking a Business Intelligence Developer capable of delivering complete BI solutions through developing and maintaining complex stored procedures as well as designing the supporting reports to be consumed by the business end-user. This person will also be handling data migrations and integrations between SQL Server and various systems.
Responsibilities range from analysis data from multiple sources to designing enterprise-level solutions for multidimensional databases. He/she must be able to define specifications of technical and/or functional high-complex requirements and develop it´s solution.
Technical and Professional Requirements:
 5+ years of experience in MS SQL Server relational databases design
 4+ years of experience working with SQL complex procedures
 Experience in designing reports and analysis using reporting tools such as Tableau, Tibco
Spotfire, Power BI, SSRS, Microstrategy, Qlikview etc.
 To be able to develop a whole solution (from data gathering, transformation, design DWH components and analysis of the data) for a high-complex business intelligence requirement
 Experience in integrating data from multiple sources with multiple methods (APIs, text files, databases, online services, web spiders, etc)
 Strong data analysis skills
 Experience in managing error management and multiples processes dependencies
 Ability to interact with business users and gather requirements.
 At least Intermediate written and verbal English skills.
 Experience in monitoring the quality ensuring the smooth functioning of work delivered.
Experience in defining quality processes that affect their environment.
 Passionate about his work and the world of Business Intelligence, data mining and databases.
 Experience in programming API connectors
 Experience in analysis and design of Data Warehouses or Data Marts.
 Data mining knowledge
 A Bachelor of Science in Computer Science or equivalent experience.
Key Duties:
 Create, Modify, and Maintain SQL Server Stored Procedures and Data Structures using  SSMS.
 Create, Modify, and Maintain Production Reports.
 To keep constantly updated on the topics related to the project and constantly share knowledge with the rest of the team. To identify and help colleagues with technical and non-technical aspects that needs to be improved.
 To understand the system design, architecture and best practices, leveraging them with its own ideas.
 To deliver clear work and ensure its correct performance.
 To promote the quality process following its methodology.
 To understand expectations set with client and recognize when issues/events may affect delivery.
 To interpret written business requirements and technical specification documents.
 To keep himself up to date on emerging technologies and best practices in order to improve his skills and knowledge for the benefit of the project.
 To report to the Technical Leader and/or Delivery Manager on a day to day basis.
 To know the business perfectly. Assist to review meetings.
 To assume additional responsibility without being asked; To replace the Delivery Manager when necessary.
 To manage tasks by delegating them in other team members and keeping track of their performance.
 To identify and report deviations on time about the team tasks and track their resolution.
 To prevent risks, propose solutions and develop mitigation plans.
* Required, but not mandatory


 – OSDE 310
– Club La Nacion + diario del domingo en el domicilio
– 1 dia de WFH a la semana
– Frutas y Verduras en la oficina

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