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Senior Fullstack NodeJS + Vue Developer REMOTO ARGENTINA 100/781

8 Jun 2021  
Remoto Argentina  

We are looking for a skilled, and passionate NodeJS + VUE Fullstack Developer that can help us with our Consumer Finanance FinTech Initiative.

Your opportunity…

As a Senior Node + VUE Dev  you will be a part of the Finance Engineering team working in a very close relationship with the Product and Business teams to help build the interfaces out customers, internal users and
partners will use to grant used car loans in 6+ countries for millions of future car owners.


● Strong Knowledge of VUEjs its core principles lifecycle methods virtual DOM
● Excellent hands on knowledge of HTML5 CSS3 JavaScript CSS Modules CSS in JS
● Hands on experience working with Object Oriented JavaScript OOJS JavaScript and practical uses in building complex interactive experiences primarily with ECMAScript 2015
● Good understanding of creational and structural design patterns in JavaScript
● Hands on experience with Functional Programming FP Experience working with Single Page Applications SPA with universal rendering capabilities
● Understanding of stateful container vs stateless presentational components and how to break down the application page into components
● Hands on experience with Frontend Performance Optimization especially in a React application with respect to resource loading strategy CPU Memory profiling on the browser Node JS
● Strong Knowledge of Node js and commonly used frameworks available for it such as Express

Nice to have

● Proven track record of frontend performance optimizations
● Good knowledge and/or practical experience of any other programming language (e.g.
Python, Go).
● Familiarity and experience with using GraphQL-based APIs.
● Knowledge of Docker containers and K8s.
● Experience building scalable systems with cloud infrastructure like AWS.
● Experience with integration and management of any analytics and/or monitoring tools.


Location: Remoto Argentina