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Senior Software Engineer / Tech Lead Remote Latam ID 200/061

20 Jul 2022  
Lead, Senior
Senior Software Engineer – Tech Lead
As a Senior Software Engineer / Tech Lead, you will play a critical role in developing and maintaining Truora’s product and ensuring it’s the best available solution in the market. You will be working with your team on one of our products, either the ones live or the ones in the pipeline. Every day will be different, and you will need to problem-solve and prioritize any problem that comes your way.
Every week all teams rotate their sprint leaders. In this way, every team member should be the leader of the team at least once a month, we have a methodology named Proposal Review which helps us in the development of our new projects. An engineer from any level receives a business problem, this engineer should analyze the problem from the product view, proposing a solution concept. In the tech view, the engineer should design the architecture,  keeping in mind the data model, the code layout, and which component of the code should be rewritten or created. The proposal is submitted to a group meeting with the entire engineering area to receive feedback. Finally, when the proposal is approved, the engineer should lead the implementation of this project. The proposal Review is the way to reach the highest level of seniority
How do we define the best talent?
We do not believe that to be a great developer you need to have prestigious degrees or have a job at NASA. A great developer is someone who knows how to overcome challenges, is self-taught, is always curious and who loves to grow professionally, we believe that a great engineer can learn and enjoys learning new languages and technologies, so if you have this passion for further developing your learning, Truora is the place to be.

What You’ll Need:

    • More than 4 years of experience as a Software Engineer ( you ´ll be working with GO)
    • Passion for entrepreneurship
    • Pro-activeness and willingness to push initiatives forward with little guidance
    • Leadership and teamwork skills ( is a big Plus)
    • Ability to work in a fast-based environment and thrive under uncertainty
    • Tolerance to failure
    • Intermediate or advance level of English ( is a Big Plus)


    • Any city in LATAM