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SR Mobile – ( iOS/ Android) ID 100/603 Remoto LATAM USD Salary 

5 Oct 2020  
Android, iOS  
About the company
The client has a mobile product on Android and iOS, for tracking food, weight loss, and general health. The main headquarters is in Austin, TX, but the product team, including engineers, are fully distributed remotely in North America.
The product team is growing and is currently small but very capable. You will work directly with the VP of Product, the principal engineers, QA, and design. The team consists of successful entrepreneurs (multi-time Y Combinator company founders, as an example) who have a history of successful businesses, large scale product launches at a high degree of polish, appearing in things like Apple’s Editor’s Choice lists and more.
What we’re looking for

We are looking for someone passionate about working at an early stage and a fast-moving start-up. This role is not for someone who feels most comfortable in a large organization. Proactivity and speed of learning are valued equally to existing hard skills and experience.We often wear a lot of hats, but only so that we understand the business goals and how they connect with everything being built. Armed with all the same information as even the CEO, we believe the perfect person in this role will apply to be able to make many microdecisions in a fairly autonomous process

About the job

We are looking for a mobile software engineer whose role will be to take on full-stack development tasks, from our API layer, admin facing products, and supporting development on our Android/iOS applications. Because this is a small company, you will have full autonomy and be required to be proactive, self-managing, and to tap into the greater team when you need it. The team is all about supporting, mentoring, and helping, but those efforts will be driven by the person in this role.This role includes working with our QA and customer support team to research, triage, and find solutions for bugs and other issues, as well as working on iterations of our current features and implementing new features. The work will be mainly mostly focused on bug fixes, quick wins, and iterative development cycles, but will also involve complex and bigger feature development as well.

If they are at least interested in the other platform and have the ability to learn and take it on, then that could work.
Essentially we need:
Senior in at least iOS or Android
Some experience (more the better) in the other platform
Ability to work with, modify, and possibly create API endpoints
Understanding of databases (SQL) and performance
Location: LATAM
USD Salary