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Technical Consultant REMOTO

25 Jun 2019  
Technical Consultant  

We are looking for a Technical Consultant  to work remotly

You will be Responsible for development and configuration of solutions utilizing TLM application suite including TLM Control, TLM Smart studio, TLM Recon Admin to support, enhance and develop the platforms.

  • Responsible for TLM Solution Configuration/ Implementation Working with users / project team to design and implement custom/bespoke solutions.
  • Responsible for troubleshooting environments, data controls and operational issues.
  • Responsible for creating and maintaining project documentation to ensure knowledge accessibility
  • Responsible for implementing the requirements noted in Project and Solution Design Documents.
  • Accountable for accurately tracking efforts in project tracking software
  • Accountable for reporting project status, customer concerns, and perceived risks on a timely basis
  • Responsible for informing the client and project manager of changes to scope and documenting with sufficient detail to allow for estimation and future implementation.

Key Skills

Business Skills required:

  • Sound experience in working in the Financial Services industry with a focus on Reconciliations, middle and back office trade process management, exception management, fails management and reference data management for Broker/Dealers, Custodians or Investment Managers.
  • Detailed knowledge of financial messages and processes: Reconciliations, Trade Processing, Trade Validation & Enrichments, Settlement Processing, CSD, SWIFT, Manual, Trade Confirmations, Local and Central Matching, FX Trade Processing, Knowledge of CLS, Cross Border Processing Scenarios, Local CSD and Exchange market practices knowledge, SMPG Rules, SIA STP Best Practices, ISITC Best Practices, ISO 15022, Payment Processing, ACH, Netting, SWIFT, Correspondent Banking, Accounting & Balancing, End of Day Reporting, Reference Data Management
  • Previous experience in workflow/business process management
  • Previous experience working with Generic reconciliation solutions
  • Previous experience working with any of any product sets in the following areas: Financial Messaging, Settlement Accounting, Reference Data Management, Payments Processing, OMS, FX Processing Platforms, Central Matching (Omgeo CTM), GSTPA (We know it is defunct – but would like to have people who have worked on it)
  • Advanced knowledge of Financial Institutions business requirements and business practices
  • Ability to assist with functional requirements and convert those requirements into a technical design using the TLM product set
  • Experienced Project Management skill set; experience in contribution in complex and critical projects on time and on budget. Management of cross cultural teams and ability to work with on-site/off site teams would be an advantage.
  • A good working knowledge of the following business areas: Front and Back Office Experience, International Payments Area Experience, Understanding of the Internal Accounts Reconciliation Procedure, S.W.I.F.T, ISITC Standards, FIX standards, Processing requirements for RVP/FOP/Derivatives, Money Markets, Equities, Fixed Income and Unit Trust / Mutual Fund Trades, Cancel/Amend Processing and its impact on downstream systems, Knowledge of working procedures in operations, Ability to analyze business process bottlenecks, relationship of the process to the technology environment, impact of automation and ability to perform process re-engineering.
  • Experience with RESTful API’s
  • English and Spanish language skills, both written and spoken.