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C# Developer with mobile experience, Microcentro CABA, ID 256

4 Sep 2017  
Semi Senior / Senior

If you are a top-notch developer, with experience building distributed and scalable architectures, we’d love to tell you more about this amazing opportunity.

The challenges are myriad, the opportunities are vast, visibility is high, and the chance to make a difference is immense. This time, we’re looking for C# Developers
Test framework: nUnit (preferable since Xamarin QA use this) or good knowledge of any test framework;
Prefer test and code writing experience with C#;
Understand Objective C , Swift. Prefer development experience with either one of this;
Knowledge regarding Continuous Integration systems, preferably Jenkins;
Good Debugging skills; Good at using bash commands if required; Basic knowledge regarding Xamarin and products;
Prefer experience with Apple iOS/Mac bindings to understand Xamarin. iOS/Mac bindings faster;
English: Upper Intermediate or higher.

Your main Skill should be C#, iOS or Android.
Unit Test / Mock;
Continuous Integration (Jenkins);
Frameswork Cross Platform.



Flex time

English Classes


Location: Microcentro, CABA

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